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With RVCDB there are 27 RV an Motorhome domains listed in the Major Search Engines and growing. As more sites become developed
we will be adding them into the major search engines for placement. No RV site is added unless we have 100% zero crawl errors with the site
for the best search placement rankings. is the oldest RV For Sale site on the internet today! Started in October 1994 RVClassified
went live in early 1995 for private owners to place their RV for sale on the internet.
What started out to be a hobby site grew to be one of the top searched RV For Sale sites on the internet today.

Anyalitics: alone is receiving 100,000 unique visitors a month and growing! 3rd Party Analytics
Now add an additional 27 other RV site's your for sale ad will be listed on today.
RVCDB does not display click thru analitics for each RV Domain for RV Dealers.
Your server statistics will display where links are coming in from. Contact your Web Site Administrator for up to date link data.

Private Ad Cost:

RVClassified has 2 types of ads for Private ads and RV Dealers
Private Standard Ad - 29.95
Searchable on 30 other RV Sites and growing! Others say it, we prove it because we OWN or have aggreements with the other RV Sites.
Private Featured Ad - 89.95
Featured Ads now get a search engine indexed page created for their RV. As the search engines crawl our sites your RV For Sale Page becomes indexed also. No other RV site creates a search engine safe landing page for your RV! Most of the RV sites today just put your ad listing in their database to be searched by potential buyers.
Feature your RV for Sale on the major search engines not just a web site.

RV Dealer Cost:
Associate - 99.95 per year
Featured - 149.95 per year
Featured RV Dealers will be placed on the RVCDB of web sites FREE for a limited time.

Keyword Domains: has held Keyword RV domains for many years pointing back to the web site.
With the launch of all new RV web sites will only be promoting their selected Class type of RV's allowing potential buyers to view just those categories.

Link Weight Value for RV Dealers:

Link Weight is a key factor in ANY search engine today. The more links you have back to your web site the better your RV site
becomes ranked in a search display. With RVClassified and RVCDB your link weight back to your
web site will increase higher then any other RV site you pay 100's of dollars a month for.
Limited space available! We are limiting Dealer space on all the home pages. Act now before the RV Domains you want to be on is closed.

In Development - RVSalesmen is a new form of sales lead generator for RV Dealers.
When someone does a search for a specific RV that has no results it may become added into an RVSalesmen search for RV Dealers

Future Development

RVCDB Importer - RVClassified nor RVCDB excepts any RV Dealers Data feed.
RVClassified and RVCDB will link in a dealers current inventory from their web site only.
We are looking at different ways of not just importing an RV Dealers ads but the best available way of displaying the inventory for RV Dealers.